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Watch & Listen - Church in Peachtree City / Tyrone
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Our LIVE Sunday worship experience is available right here at   9:00 am and 10:45 am each week!


On Demand on our FaceBook page, YouTube channel and website.

Sermon Series by Title
  • Pray for The President

  • Racial Reconciliation

  • Dogwood Church Vision 2021

    Recast of Dogwood's vision and purpose

  • Living A Life Of Hope Part 2 series

  • Living A Life Of Hope

    Insights for living from 1 Peter

  • Loving Others Like Jesus

  • Christmas at Dogwood

  • Tough Faith For Tough Times

    16 Weeks to strengthen your faith during these tough times.

  • Easter 2020

    Celebrate Easter with us

  • Words of Christ from the Cross

    Study the words of Jesus from the Cross in this 7 week series

  • Happiness Series

    Join us for our 6-week study on Happiness.

  • Instafam Series

    Watch all 8 weeks of our series Instafam.

  • Stories That Changed The World

    A 7 week series on biblical stories that changed the world