Spiritual maturity is being like Christ and that is God’s desire for you and me. It is God’s desire for all people. Of course it is not a “given occurrence” in life.

It’s not automatic: In other words, you can be a Christian and never grow up spiritually.It is a process: Prov. 8:5 (GN) says that we “…Learn to be mature.”It takes discipline: 1Tim. 4:7b (Ph) “Take the time and the trouble to keep yourself spiritually fit.”In order to help you with spiritual maturity, we have made it a part of the Dogwood Journey. This Journey is a road-map for fully-developing followers of Christ. You have already taken the first 2 steps at some point in your journey… becoming a follower of Jesus and completing the Dogwood membership class (now called The Belong Class).

The next step is to participate in The Grow Class – Discovering Spiritual Growth. The purpose of this experience is “… that you may become mature Christians and may fulfill God’s will for you.” Col. 4:12b

We’ve got to exercise; to develop some basic habits and be disciplined to practice them. There are three basic habits that help us grow. As we focus on these habits, our seminar will equip you with the skills you need and explain the tools that are helpful in continuing those three habits. You can become a fully-developing follower of Christ by learning the right habits!


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