Questions Regarding Dogwood Journey/Church Membership?

Why should you Belong to a local church? At Dogwood Church we don’t want you to become a member of a church we want you to belong to one. Join us for our Belong seminar to learn more about Dogwood and how you can belong to a growing body of Christ followers.


Belong is designed to help you learn about what we believe and what church membership at Dogwood means.


Grow is for those wanting to know more about God’s Word, how to grow as a believer, and how to pray and live in a way pleasing to Him. Must have completed the Belong class.


will help you discover how God has shaped you for ministry through your gifts, talents, experiences, passions, and personality!  Must have completed the Belong class.


Share is designed to help you craft your own story about the impact Jesus has made on your life and taking advantage of opportunities to share with others.


  • Belonging helps you focus on God. It’s easy to go all day and not think about God even if you have been a Christian for many years. Having a place to worship helps us focus on God.
  • Belonging helps you face life’s problems. Life is tough. God never meant for you to go through life by yourself, all alone.  He wants you to have a church family for support. We draw strength from each other.
  • Belonging helps you fortify your faith. That’s what a church family does – strengthens, develops, reinforces, and fortifies your faith. We simply grow better together.
  • Belonging helps you find your ministry. You weren’t put on earth just to take up space. God expects you to give something back and make a contribution with your life. You were made for service in ministry.
  • Belonging helps you fulfill your life mission. Part of your life mission is called the Great Commission – telling other people the good news. Someone told you and you’re supposed to pass it on. Belonging helps!

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201 Grow Class – Discovering My Spiritual Maturity

23 Aug 2020 | 09:00 am - 10:30 am
201 GROW CLASS – SUNDAY, August 23 2020 9:00AM-10:30AM via Zoom. This class will be held
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