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In the church - Church in Peachtree City / Tyrone
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Our Sunday Morning ministry experiences are made possible by people just like you who volunteer to serve in our environments each and every week.

Whether you have a passion for working with kids, students, love to make coffee, greet others, or share in the celebration of believer’s baptism, we have a place for you on our team!


“I don’t think there is anything in scripture that says we step back as we age. As long as God gives me breath and life, I will be looking for opportunities to contribute and serve.”


(Tim Johnson / Safety Team)


“It’s very very rewarding because you become part of that person’s life, and I know they are not just part of my life now but that they will be part of my life in eternity.”


(Paula Rutledge/ Baptism Team)


“Serving together works great. We are completely different people so it works well in this instance where we are a perfect team.”


(Rusty and Erin Martin / Children’s Ministry)

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“By serving, it really serves me by serving others. I get way more out of it than the people I serve. It’s just something that brings me a lot of joy […] I don’t know what I would do if I didn’t do it.”


(Keith Robinson / Guest Services)