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Tithing is more than giving



The word tithe literally means tenth or 10%. Tithe or giving ten percent of your income isn’t merely giving something to God.  It’s giving back what was His to begin with. All that we have or hope to have comes from Him. The Bible says that tithing is a reminder that God is the supplier of everything. It teaches us to always put God first in our lives.

Because of your generous and consistent giving we are able to do all that we do at Dogwood including:



  • Create environments for preschool and elementary kids to grow and discover who Jesus is
  • Provide resources such as food, clothing, financial & spiritual counseling through our Real Life Center
  • Engage Middle School and High School students in equipping them to live out the Great Commission and Great Commandment
  • Provide weekly worship gatherings that share the Hope of Jesus and help deepen our faith in God
  • Help people to experience and know the love of Jesus
  • And so much more

You can also give through our Dogwood Church App for Apple and Android phones.




A Note About Credit Cards



While we do accept the use of credit cards for tithes and offerings, we strongly encourage the use of electronic funds through a bank transfer rather than a credit card for 2 primary reasons:


  • Although many pay off their credit cards each month, many do not. We do not want to encourage someone to go into debt and pay interest on gifts given to the church


  • With electronic transfers, your entire gift goes to the church. When using a credit card as much as 3% of the gift goes to the credit card company