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Belong - Church in Peachtree City / Tyrone
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Questions Regarding Dogwood Journey/Church Membership?


At Dogwood Church, we don’t want you to become a member of a church – we want you to belong to one. Join us for our Belong class to learn more about Dogwood and how you can belong to a growing body of Christ followers.

Belong is designed to help you learn about what we believe and what church membership at Dogwood means.



Benefits of Belonging:


  • Belonging helps you focus on God. It’s easy to go all day and not think about God even if you have been a Christian for many years. Having a place to worship helps us focus on God.


  • Belonging helps you face life’s problems. Life is tough. God never meant for you to go through life by yourself, all alone.  He wants you to have a church family for support. We draw strength from each other.


  • Belonging helps you fortify your faith. That’s what a church family does – strengthens, develops, reinforces, and fortifies your faith. We simply grow better together.


  • Belonging helps you find your ministry. You weren’t put on earth just to take up space. God expects you to give something back and make a contribution with your life. You were made for service in ministry.


  • Belonging helps you fulfill your life mission. Part of your life mission is called the Great Commission – telling other people the good news. Someone told you and you’re supposed to pass it on. Belonging helps!